"Amidst the Chaos" is the first book released by Annie Vander Werff. Annie holds a Master’s in Community Health Education and a Certificate in Global Health & Health Disparities from the University of Northern Iowa. Putting her purpose into action, Annie is a Transformational Leader who has taught, trained and empowered professionals across the globe to guide the conversations they have with the international communities where they work, live and love.



Girl, you were born to lead!

Are you the leader of an NGO? Are you struggling to stay inspired because you are completely overwhelmed, stressed out, socially and emotionally disconnected from … everything? Do you feel like you are at the crossroads of knowing everything and nothing at all? You are not alone! Every leader struggles. Every leader needs renewed direction and connection. And so do you. If your international partner community could thrive because you courageously led from a place of clarity, connection and confidence, would you be inspired to fiercely lead again? If yes, then the Regenerate Process is for you. In, Amidst the Chaos: An NGO leader’s guide to discovering powerful transformation, author, speaker and leader Annie Vander Werff reveals, when you say yes to you, you say yes to being a leader who is impacting meaningful change that makes a difference in the world!

In her book you’ll learn:

  • How your personal VOICE has the potential to empower or destroy any conversation at the leadership table.

  • To incorporate simple processes into your daily leadership journey to save time and money for your non-profit organization.

  • To reinstate balance and power in your life so you can effectively impact change.

  • How your feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed out and disconnected can be powerfully transformed to regenerate and revive the important work you were born to do.

  • And so much more!

Get your copy today and be powerfully transformed! 



... Great read for anyone wanting to grow...

Zak Knutson, President, Innovative Wealth Management


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Get your copy today and be powerfully transformed!


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Are you ready to unite your team to lead confidently and be inspired with renewed direction? Invite Annie to the table. Together you will walk through a beautiful transformative process.

In her book, Annie compiles years of research, applied learning and a pile of mistakes into a shared learning opportunity that has empowered organizations and individuals around the globe. Your team members, staff, volunteers and board will communicate better, more efficiently and be better poised to move your organization to the next level.  

Beyond the Book

GTA Consulting, LLC is proud to offer coaching and support to nonprofit organizations on their journey to continued growth through strategic planning, grant writing and fundraising, marketing and communications, board training, and more.

Ready to take action? Connect with Annie to set up your complimentary call today.

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