Organizations with cultures of intention seek to align their values, beliefs, and behaviors in support of their overall strategy. They are purposeful organizations. They do not venture aimlessly into new programs without strategic plans and an overall understanding of priorities. The effects of living and leading without intention can be felt most deeply by clients and staff. Without a strategic financial plan coupled with a strong marketing campaign, many organizations run the risk of simply surviving.

GTA works with organizations to help create cultures of intention.  We provide advisory services in the areas of: capacity building, leadership development, writing strategic & fundraising plans, and amplifying your marketing power through data-driven story telling. Creating cultures of intention requires not only skill but consistent, focused action. GTA’s unique private sector advisory services will help lift your organization into new growth.

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The GTA AccelHer program is designed to help the female leader who is struggling to stay inspired because you are overwhelmed, stressed out, or emotionally disconnected. This 10 week course will identify your untapped potential and equip you to lead from a place of clarity, confidence, and connection.

Indifference, indecision, doubt, worry, overcaution, and pessimism, are the 5 diseases seeking to destroy our highest potential. Through the AccelHer program, these can be overcome.

AccelHer is an intense coaching experience carefully designed to excel you into your highest potential. It empowers executive leaders (who are running on empty), to lead healthier teams, produce better products, and understand themselves in a way that allows them to live their highest potential. They lead with confidence, clarity, and connectivity. Are you ready to be refueled to authentically lead with purpose and clarity? Join AccelHer!

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Are you seeking what's next in your profession, after retirement, or perhaps sensing it's time for a shift in your personal or professional direction? Have you explored the possibility of writing a book or starting a business but lack the courage to begin? Are your past experiences holding you back? Are you afraid to be seen? Too often as leaders we place our growth, dreams, and 'some day' ideas on hold.  It's time to get out of your own way and go for it. Perhaps it's time for a reset. Take the risk, do the hard thing, and make the unconventional step to bettering YOUR life. 

The Brilliant Leader Escape is a high level program exclusively for executive leaders who are ready to influence meaningful change in the world. This coaching program is for those committed to deep diving into growth in order to lead confident teams, stronger organizations, or accomplish their 'some day' idea. It will push you, challenge you, and set you on course to earn more money, respect, and best of all, freedom. Learning through the eyes and experiences of people from around the world, everyone who joins this circle is guaranteed to experience transformation. If this inspires you and scares you - then you are in the right place. Join the The Brilliant Leader Escape!

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