The GTA AccelHer program is designed to help the female leader who is struggling to stay inspired because you are overwhelmed, stressed out, or emotionally disconnected. This 10 week course will identify your untapped potential and equip you to lead from a place of clarity, confidence, and connection.

Indifference, indecision, doubt, worry, overcaution, and pessimism, are the 5 diseases seeking to destroy our highest potential. Through the AccelHer program, these can be overcome.

AccelHer is an intense coaching experience carefully designed to excel you into your highest potential. It empowers executive leaders (who are running on empty), to lead healthier teams, produce better products, and understand themselves in a way that allows them to live their highest potential. They lead with confidence, clarity, and connectivity. Are you ready to be refueled to authentically lead with purpose and clarity? Join AccelHer!


"Regenerate is a great tool to help us remember that you cannot impact your world, you cannot lead and serve, if you are not taking the necessary time to nurture your own soul.”

- Matthew Perez, Pastor

Green and Red Personal Trainer Portfolio


  1. Am I ready to stop running on ‘E’ and live my life fully charged through balance, authenticity, and purpose? 

  2. Am I fully using my unique voice to empower any conversation I take part in? 

  3. Have I exchanged my interests, passions, and beliefs with negative views about myself? 

  4. Am I craving deeper connection and confidence with family, friends, and colleagues?

  5.  Is it time to invest in myself because I’ve settled for playing small while others around me thrive?

If you answered yes to these questions and you are committed to putting the time in, then let's get started!

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For additional prices and an overview of the program syllabus, click the link below!

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