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As a recovering international nonprofit executive, I have dedicated my life to 2 things: 1) helping nonprofits and NGOs align so they can continue to thrive, and 2) empowering female executives to be brave and courageous in this world. I am committed to walking alongside you as you take steps to reinstate balance in your life so you can do the 'thing' you have always known you were born to do. As a mom-preneur, I know how selfish you may feel working on your own dreams, but I am here to tell you, you're worth it. When you do your part to fulfill the purpose you were assigned in this world, you will discover a beautiful transformation from the inside out. One that even your kids will appreciate!



Dear friend,

Thank you for taking a moment to visit with GTA Consulting. I truly believe with confidence and clarity we can overcome any obstacles and discover our true purpose. Often times, our own self-limiting beliefs hold us captive to our circumstances.

I know this to be true because at age 40, I realized I was holding myself back from my highest potential because of fear and shame. They were stopping me from leading, communicating, and building the life I wanted. Leaders who fail to take care of themselves will fail to reach their highest potential! 

I want to help you discover your highest potential through life transforming programs. Leaders need to be taken care of. When we invest in ourselves, we discover a level of clarity, confidence, and connection revealing opportunities we never dreamed possible.

The programs I've designed combine 20 years of professional insights and experiences from my work as a nonprofit executive, international speaker, award-winning leader, and best-selling author. It's been a privilege to teach and empower professionals across the globe. Are you ready to discover your highest potential? Then please join me.

I'm ready to help empower you to lead with clarity, confidence, and connection!




“Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.”

Dr. Benjamin May

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